• Listen*

      Chase is trying to leave his dark past behind him, but Stacy, the voice in his head, is leading him back on a path of blood and violence. American Psycho meets Fight Club.   *Only a trailer is […]

    United Kingdom 7 Minutes
  • Sector Zero 4

      Melissa Baquer is driving on the wrong way when she requests to the Computer Emergency Center to route her vehicle via GPS. During the call will suffer an brutal accident.  

    Spain 5 Minutes
  • Bloodloss*

      A psychological thriller/horror that deals with the theme of retribution and redemption among a group of friends who find themselves in too deep.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United Kingdom 25 Minutes
  • The Letter

      A man’s day goes from bad to worse after receiving a mysterious letter in the mail.  

    United States 6 Minutes
  • Inside

      A man’s struggle with his fears and loneliness as he seals himself in his home, to protect himself from the plague outside.     Inside Film Review

    Turkey 10 Minutes
  • Helio

      One worker seizes an unexpected opportunity to break free of his dystopian underworld and sparks a revolution in the process.     Helio Film Review

    United States 19 Minutes
  • Cry of the Raven

      Set in Australia in the year 1967, CRY OF THE RAVEN is a suspense thriller centered around the character of Jack Hunter, a 23 year old travelling salesman who after an absence of ten years returns to his […]

    Australia 19 Minutes

      Losing a kid is already an ordeal for any decent parent, but having them kidnapped? There’s probably no greater tragedy. In the midst of the INVESTIGATION, relatives are left waiting, overwhelmed by an unfathomable amount of emotions. Sorrow, […]

    Canada 10 Minutes
  • A Punishment

      A student is supervised by a retainer of the most feared high school teachers. Gradually the punishment will turn against the teacher …  

    France 15 Minutes
  • When I Fall In Love**

      As a result of a near death electrical accident, Bill is taken in by Janet, an elderly woman with an overly possessive bedside manner. In his now bed ridden state, he has no choice but to allow her […]

    United Kingdom 15 Minutes
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