• Comedienne*

    A reclusive eighteen year old dreams of being a stand-up comedienne, to heal old family wounds, with the help of a bitter and cynical washed up performer.   *The submitter has decided not to share their film with the […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    United Kingdom 23 Minutes Thomas Pickering
  • The Witch

     David and Jonathan live alone in woods, with there violent and alcoholic father. One day, the boys find an African prostitute hiding in the woods. She is on the run. The boys decide to help here against there fathers […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    Denmark 20 Minutes Mads Erichsen
  • The End

    The young Lia, married to a banker that she no longer loves, sees its existence toggle in the wake of an unprecedented crisis. Outside reign chaos, the money has more courses, food is scarce. Brutally burst into their homes, […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    France 19 Minutes Francois Nolla, Hugo Hubert
  • The Legacy*

      A recently widowed painter Augustin Boisvert and his two daughters Camille and Meline inherit a mysterious house. At their first visit the old guardian as well as the phantasmagorical paintings covering the walls scare Camille and Meline. Forced […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    France, Switzerland 23 Minutes Michael Terraz
  • Upovanie

      A russian space cargo vessel operator OLEG (Tommi Raitolehto) has decided to kill himself but cannot – the love for his family is too strong. A family lost in the outer space. A family he has searched for […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    Finland 17 Minutes Iiro Peltonen
  • Fakebook

      “Fakebook” shows how social networking sites are affecting teenagers. Story started with a boy who through social networking sites used to flirt with girls and able to become intimate.   Password: fakebookmono

    Mar 21, 2015
    India 14 Minutes Mandeep Dhoula
  • CountDown*

      Happy-go-lucky Maryam has had a very troubled upbringing. Her repressed childhood memories blocked out the war in Iraq and the distant memories of her family. A student reading for a B.A. in drama, Maryam had made her own […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    United Kingdom 17 Minutes Awat Osman Ali
  • Meeting of Minds

      A dilapidated soldier wakes up in a musical institution to find himself at the mercy of a mysterious pianist.  

    Mar 21, 2015
    United States 8 Minutes Mayar Nouri
  • ADORATION: A Natural History*

      ADORATION, a wildlife docudrama by lifelong naturalist Ian Woodward, FZS, is a portrait of the countryside seen through the seasons, its fauna and flora, and through the eyes of Nature Woman. It is accompanied by beautiful, inspiring music […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    United Kingdom 23 Minutes Ian Woodward
  • Rattle*

    A morality tale about an artist, who expresses his unrequited love for a friend through a series of paintings. During one eventful day together, their lives imitate the art as if it were a prophecy.   *The submitter has […]

    Mar 21, 2015
    United Kingdom 9 Minutes Andrew Pengilley
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