• Mobilization**

    Every French citizen subject to military service must, under penalty of law, obey the mobilization order.   **No video file available for now.

    France 12 Minutes
  • Nausea*

    An elderly woman isolated and obsessed with cleanliness is visited by a new social assistant called Agnieszka. Agnieszka has been just three days in this her latest job but the elderly woman doesn’t seem to be willing to make […]

    Spain 18:44 Minutes
  • Below the Surface

    A girl reflects on the precious moments she had with her sister as she slowly comes to terms with her guilt and reaches her absolution.  

    United States 03:53 Minutes
  • Arthur & Anne

    A story about a disintegrating relationship as Arthur and Anne attempt to save a cat. Drifting from surreality to reality Anne has to face what she has lost.  

    United Kingdom 05:43 Minutes
  • Life is Short

    What happens when you play with the Deat? Life is short, too short to let reality ruin it.  

    Spain 05:25 Minutes
  • Woods

    In the middle of woods, a young couple is walking with a friend. Suddenly, the young woman proposes a dangerous game.  

    France 04:41 Minutes
  • The Leaf*

    The leaf is essentially a small part of a whole like human existence in the cosmos. Poetic images of places music and evocative phrases encourage the viewer toward an inner journey that will lead him to find his own […]

    Spain 06:15 Minutes
  • Monologue

    The id, the hippy, the old man, the choir boy and the hipster all agree on one thing: be yourself!  

    Austria 13:44 Minutes
  • Subliminal*

    A young and previously unknown company chooses a small town to sell a revolutionary new product.   *The submitter has decided not to share their film with the open public. Only a trailer is available.

    Spain 23:51 Minutes
  • Out From Under

    Out From Under is a story of family, regret and redemption as James Murphy (Kevin Jarvis) wants to end his life after the death of his daughter. As he attempts to take his own life, memories haunt his mind […]

    United Kingdom 16:49 Minutes
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