• Running Scared**

    A simple farmer’s last wish to see the ocean for the first time, before he settles down in his hometown with a shitty job and a shitty wife.   **No video file available for now.

    United States 7 Minutes
  • Pretentious

    A husband in despair bids his estranged wife farewell with a violently poignant letter.  

    United States 6 Minutes
  • Size Zero**

      “Size Zero” is one of the smallest U.S. clothing sizes for women. An almost impossible physical ideal that models try nevertheless to achieve. This is the zero point of the sex object. This is what the film’s characters […]

    France 16 Minutes
  • Reaction

    A young woman struggling with depression is faced with a battle on two fronts by people she thought she could once trust but have now given in to their prejudices.  

    United Kingdom 3 Minutes
  • FDAD

    Craig is four years divorced and attempting to venture back out into the dating scene, only now as a middle aged man with a gut and less hair. He sets himself up as a stud to a woman via […]

    United Kingdom 8 Minutes
  • We were the best

    Yoke Mun, an ordinary office worker is about to take the same journey that she and her best friends have taken 8 years ago, during their graduate road trip.  

    Malaysia 14 Minutes
  • The Cutting Room

      François Gauthier is hired by the great film director Angel Rizzoli to edit his upcoming film noir. He becomes completely obsessed with Isabel , the lead actress and star of the film and buries himself in this editorial […]

    France 12 Minutes
  • Hunt and Prey

      Maria and Radu are a couple in love planning their wedding. But there is a secret between them that will chance their lives forever. Based on the short story of the same title by Alicia Sérieux.  

    Germany 13 Minutes

      It is 1978 and Dr Jan Lucane is called to interview a suspect in several murders. What he discovers, will change how he thinks forever as the patient reveals their true intentions.   **No video file available for […]

    United Kingdom 16 Minutes
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