December 2016 Winners

Winners of December have just been announced! Thank you all for participating! We will begin sending the award certificates starting the 3rd of January onwards.

You can see all the nominees and winners of December HERE or below:


BEST FEATURE – Beijing, New York

2nd Place: The Road to Nickelsville

3rd Place: The Sleepless


Film of the Month – Ugly

2nd Place: An American Short Story

3rd Place: Sunnyside


Trailer of the Month

Stronger Than Pretty


Student Film of the Month

Something Blue


Director of the Month

Mickael Cohen – Ugly


Screenwriter of the Month

Kyran Davies, Scott Quinn – Sunnyside


Original Score of the Month

Nami Melumad – Luminarias


Actor of the Month

Nicky Naude – Ugly


Actress of the Month

Jo Price – A Shadow of Dara


Editor of the Month

Yann Lautreton – An American Short Story


Cinematographer of the Month

Paul-Antony Mille – Ugly


Animation of the Month



Experimental of the Month



Documentary of the Month

Barbara Ingram School For the Arts


Music Video of the Month

mius – Strobe and Noise


Web Short of the Month



The Audience Award

The Eye and the Brow



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