• Fargo Season 5 (Review)

    I wait for very, very few things in the film and series category with more excitement and enthusiasm than for a new season of Fargo. Why is that? Well, because over the years, Fargo has spoiled me with some […]

    Feb 9, 2024
    Julian A. Leu
  • Leave the World Behind (2023) (Review)

    I don’t often pay much attention to the Top 10 Films on Netflix on any given day. Most of the time, they are far from being my cup of tea – either superhero flicks, comedies I find unfunny or […]

    Jan 3, 2024
    Julian A. Leu
  • When Evil Lurks (2023) (Review)

    Offering a unique and depraved spin on the possessed story structure, ‘When Evil Lurks‘ doesn’t hold back on any punches, guaranteeing a cult following for years to come. The fall weather’s biggest strength is the influx of horror movies […]

    Nov 26, 2023
    Joseph Morganti
  • The Nun II (2023) (Review)

    I feel like I should review a horror film that I’ve seen at the cinema in the month of October. Disappointingly, though, the offer was extremely limited. I had not heard very good things about the latest Exorcist movie, […]

    Oct 28, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • An Analysis of The Green Ray (1986)

    I’ve been meaning to check out films from Éric Rohmer for a while now and finally had the privilege to sit down and view his most popular film—at least on Letterboxd—’The Green Ray‘. It mesmerized me in many ways, […]

    Oct 14, 2023
    Joseph Morganti
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) (Review)

    Ironically, I’ve been looking forward to the new – and final – Indiana Jones for many years now, but once it hit the cinemas I didn’t rush in to watch it. It was a combination of being busy, travelling […]

    Aug 23, 2023
    Julian A. Leu