• Bones and All (Review)

    Though not perfect, ‘Bones and All’ is a daring horror romance that’ll leave audiences squirming for more. Practically anything Timothée Chalamet is in attracts Gen Zs to the theatre, and it’s nice to know there are a few genuine […]

    Mar 6, 2023
    Joseph Morganti
  • Capitani Season 2 (Review)

    At one point in 2022, I decided that I wanted to watch some sort of crime drama, but ideally something with short episodes – nothing bordering on a full hour. Then, I stumbled upon Capitani, which intrigued me in several […]

    Feb 11, 2023
    Julian A. Leu
  • The Banshees of Inisherin (Review)

    Most movie fanatics agree that Martin McDonagh has crafted three worthwhile full-length films throughout his career (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), with his fourth and latest being The Banshees of Inisherin. How will the […]

    Jan 26, 2023
    Joseph Morganti
  • Is Denis Villeneuve’s First Feature Film Worth Watching?

    Few filmmakers have accomplished as much as Denis Villeneuve has in the 21st century. Worldwide, Villeneuve is known for directing several praised films, including thrillers Prisoners (2013) and Sicario (2015), as well as the sci-fi films Arrival (2016) and […]

    Nov 16, 2022
    Joseph Morganti
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (Review)

    Even the biggest anti-Marvel champions can admit the success of the superhero genre in the 21st century is an unparalleled piece in film we haven’t experienced before. Now it being 14 years since Iron Man and 30-plus MCU movies […]

    Jul 24, 2022
    Joseph Morganti
  • Incastrati (Review)

    At some point last month, I felt like watching a comedy series – that doesn’t happen often, since I’m not exactly a big fan of most recent comedies, be it series or feature films. I had a recommendation from […]

    Apr 1, 2022
    Julian A. Leu