• True Detective Season 4 (Review)

    I am of the opinion that the first season of True Detective is one of the best season of any series ever made. It had iconic characters, a very strong underlying philosophy, a crime mystery that intertwined with supernatural […]

    Jul 11, 2024
    Julian A. Leu
  • Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) (Review)

    What better time to immerse yourself in the distinctive realm of 1988’s exploitation films than now? These movies, adept at seizing on contemporary trends, niche genres, or sensational content, often find their place in the realm of low-budget B […]

    Jun 5, 2024
    Joseph Morganti
  • Fargo Season 5 (Review)

    I wait for very, very few things in the film and series category with more excitement and enthusiasm than for a new season of Fargo. Why is that? Well, because over the years, Fargo has spoiled me with some […]

    Feb 9, 2024
    Julian A. Leu
  • Leave the World Behind (2023) (Review)

    I don’t often pay much attention to the Top 10 Films on Netflix on any given day. Most of the time, they are far from being my cup of tea – either superhero flicks, comedies I find unfunny or […]

    Jan 3, 2024
    Julian A. Leu
  • When Evil Lurks (2023) (Review)

    Offering a unique and depraved spin on the possessed story structure, ‘When Evil Lurks‘ doesn’t hold back on any punches, guaranteeing a cult following for years to come. The fall weather’s biggest strength is the influx of horror movies […]

    Nov 26, 2023
    Joseph Morganti
  • The Nun II (2023) (Review)

    I feel like I should review a horror film that I’ve seen at the cinema in the month of October. Disappointingly, though, the offer was extremely limited. I had not heard very good things about the latest Exorcist movie, […]

    Oct 28, 2023
    Julian A. Leu