August Winners Announced!

The time has come! We have announced the winners of the August competition! CLICK HERE for more.

Congrats to everyone involved!

All winners and nominees will receive an e-mail from us in the following days.


Film of the Month

The Mourners – Winner

The Trench – 2nd place

300 000 kilometers per second – 3rd place


Trailer of the Month

The Black Friday


Student Film of the Month



Director of the Month

Alexandre Rossi – The Darkness Moves


Screenwriter of the Month

Roberto Tomeo – The Mourners


Original Score of the Month

Ina Siefert – Winter’s Journey


Actor of the Month

Johnny Melville – The Trench


Actress of the Month

Kristen Rakes – Low/Fi


Editor of the Month

Jonathan Augustus – Deep Pan Fury


Cinematographer of the Month

Huang Yu-Yu – Eyes Wide Shoot


Animation of the Month

Ode to the British Summer


Experimental of the Month



Documentary of the Month

The Image of Sound


Music Video of the Month



Web Short of the Month

Not enough entries.


The Audience Award

The Eaters



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