April-May 2017 Screenplay Competition Winners

Hello to our dearest screenwriters,

Congrats! The winners of the April-May Screenplay Competition have just been announced. You can see all winners and nominees here: http://tmff.net/winners/screenplay-competition/april-may-2017/

Therefore, Michael Rowney wins the April-May competition with his script ‘Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams)

Ke De Sol wins the second place with his script, ‘IN BAD COMPANY‘ shared with Alena Cadova’s ‘A Parallel‘ while the 3rd place is taken by Richard Harteis for ‘Tosh – A Brotherly Union

Congratulations and thank you all for participating!

You can now submit your screenplay for the June-July edition here: LINK

The TMFF Team.



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