• Mary’s Room*

      Based in Frank Jackson’s philosophical thought experiment known as the knowledge argument, Mary’s Room is a sensorial deconstruction of the reality we live in.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • Visual Sport Translation

      This is what we call “Visual Sport Translation”; it means that the sport shoes are communicated in an unusual way. There is a dancer instead of an athlete. Through his performance, he expresses his own vision and interpretation […]

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      The reconstruction of the micro(?)universe of illegal immigrants in the North-East of Italy… the life of three boys, the longing for happiness, the equality of diversity. The plot leads to philosofical, visionary, surreal dimensions. It is poetic disenchantment. […]

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  • By the River Kindness

      A hard-working housemaid tries to be the best servant possible for her hosts, but struggles to maintain her good will when she discovers the father of the house seriously ill in bed.  

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  • Fleeting

      Fleeting is a unique love story that explores some of the universal experiences and emotions that we go through throughout the course of a relationship. The film is told through both male and female perspectives while intertwining many […]

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  • The Tape*

      The Tape is an experimental detective that drags you into a phone call of a young telemarketer as the harbinger of a heinous act.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

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