Screenplay competition (OCTOBER-NOVEMBER EDITION)


Quarterfinalists (13)

To Kill A Cop by Michael Monteiro

Magical and Majestic by Rute Amieiro

Escapement by Phil McCarron

A Love For Cranberries by Tim Northburg

The Trader by Can Kutay

MATHIAS by Ian Davies

The Real Thing by Matthew Papadopoulos

The Dinner Party by Killarney Traynor

Six Bullets at Sundown by Paul Grammatico

SCHISM by Erik Jasan

The Killing Kind by Arturo Portillo

Strawberry Hill by David Tittone

Legend of Wisteria Falls by Christian Van Slyke, Heidi Barrientes



07Days 05Hours 01Minutes 50Seconds



17Days 05Hours 01Minutes 50Seconds



19Days 05Hours 01Minutes 50Seconds