Screenplay competition (APRIL-MAY EDITION)



12Days 09Hours 01Minutes 53Seconds



08Days 09Hours 02Minutes 12Seconds



03Days 09Hours 02Minutes 12Seconds


Quarterfinalists (19)

Lion’s Den by Sara Alavi

Godfor by Pablo Torroella

The Age of the Empath by Steve Brown

Shadows of a Dream by Pierre Aiclas

Reunion by Anhtuan Do

SHERWOOD KNIGHTS by Michael Sollars, Geoffrey Sollars, Eric Sollars

It Lives in the alleyways by Cathal Philip O’ Hagan

Time Before the Fall by Suzanne Birrell

The Shepherd by Julie A. Thornton

Death Exhibition by Julie A. Thornton

The Seven by Igor Stefanovic

Stocktonian Exchange – Kill Your Spirits by Hannah Rose Vernot

Precursor by Steve Brown

The Devil Next Door by Michael Holliday

Queer Cowfolk: The Gay Rodeo Musical by Bear Kosik

Bath by Michael S VanLuvan

On Tip Toes by Meg Miller

The Red Zone by Terry Luke Podnar

Flashpoint by Crystal Diane Stevens