• Pyramid of Despair

      Two creatures chase each other on a Space Station.  

    Mar 2, 2023
    Australia 1 Minutes Matt Bissett-Johnson
  • Shape of the Universe

      Shape of the Universe is a surrealist stop motion animation by Daisy Dickinson. Using cut up audio from Alan Watts, and soundtracked by Maxim Barron, the film takes you on a bizarre journey through time and space.  

    Mar 2, 2023
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Daisy DIckinson
  • Out of Mind

      Months after moving away, Jake tries reaching out to Barry; his best friend, who’s life has recently turned upside down following a breakup. Not knowing how to talk to his friend about what he is feeling, Barry instead […]

    Mar 2, 2023
    United Kingdom 5 Minutes Kyle Elliott
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