• Buying Time*

      In a future plagued by deadly diseases, a desperate father must confront the moral implications of an advanced chip technology that grants extra years of life at the cost of someone else’s. He slowly uncovers the truth with […]

    Apr 26, 2024
    United Kingdom 83 Minutes Kris Smith
  • My Life With Asperger’s*

      Follow the extraordinary journey of George Steeves, a queer man, as he promotes and performs his educational and entertaining one-person show about growing up with Aspergers, inspiring audiences around the world, especially families with children diagnosed with autism […]

    Apr 26, 2024
    United States 56 Minutes Julianna Victoria Brudek
  • The Eternal Emperor*

      Sisi and Franz Joseph: the Austrian royal dream couple that inspires audiences to this day. The romantic story of the two young lovers obscures the view of a ruler who steered the fate of the Habsburg Empire for […]

    Apr 1, 2024
    Germany 52 Minutes Martin Koddenberg
  • The End of Humanity*

      Strange talk has become mainstream: The end of humanity is near. AI, ChatGPT, humanoid robots are beginning to take over. Among the technology elite, the idea is gaining ground that humans must merge with machines in order to […]

    Apr 1, 2024
    Switzerland 57 Minutes Andreas Duerr
  • The Last Will and Testament of Arthur Carnaby (TRAILER)

      When infamous serial killer Arthur Carnaby dies of old age, he leaves Detective Edward Bamber not only one last victim, but also his entire estate. Having spent years obsessively chasing Carnaby, Bamber ventures into the killer’s decaying home […]

    Mar 31, 2024
    United Kingdom 1 Minutes David Parfitt
  • The Client (TRAILER)

      What seems like an easy deed for any other ordinary day turns into the greatest nightmare for Cathy’s life after she engages with an odd client.  

    Mar 31, 2024
    Uganda 1 Minutes Jemba Jonathan
  • Your Cinema Needs You (TRAILER)

      Your Cinema Needs You traces the origins of the Monarch Theatre and its unexpected, but eventful evolution in becoming the oldest, surviving, purpose-built cinema remaining in Canada today. Through closures, advances in technology, and a cast of characters […]

    Mar 31, 2024
    Canada 2 Minutes Luke Fandrich
  • Shadows of the Forest (TRAILER)

      A normal trip home for two friends, Emmy and Lisa, turns into a nightmare when girls decided to take a shortcut through the forest. Ignoring radio warnings of danger in the area, they continue on their way. When […]

    Mar 31, 2024
    Ukraine 1 Minutes Dmytro Koturanov
  • The Collector (TRAILER)

      A mysterious music box rears. its ugly head once again, when a new owner of a small village pub begins to experience strange voices.  

    Mar 31, 2024
    United Kingdom 3 Minutes Stuart Wheeldon

      It is about a young woman who suffers from dementia after losing her husband. She is constantly fighting with her person for what happened in the past.  

    Mar 31, 2024
    Romania 1 Minutes Morosan Iulian
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