• Waterbeing

      Waterbeing is an 8 minute animated film told simply through music and moving image. It focuses on the story of a young woman battling to stay in her lane. In a world that feels sink-or-swim, will she manage […]

    Jul 6, 2023
    United Kingdom 8 Minutes Charlie Hocking
  • The Best for Beef*

      A kind cat named Beef is thrown out of his original home only to be impulsively adopted by two roommates.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Jul 6, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Yeng Madayag
  • The Thinking Cleaner

      The main character erases his memory every day and becomes empty. And while wandering to regain himself, he eats any memory in the memory archive. The memory was not his own memory, so he completely loses who he […]

    Jul 6, 2023
    United States 2 Minutes Jeongeun Lee
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