• The Passenger (TRAILER)

      Three men hunt the murderer of a young boy, each man blinded by their own desire for revenge  

    United Kingdom 2 Minutes
  • That’s my Boy (TRAILER)

      ‘That’s my boy’, a documentary on Gender Identity Disorder portrays the successful and remarkable life of Sonu, a female to male convert.  

    India 1 Minutes
  • Getting Fat in a Healthy Way (TRAILER)

      In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment he shares with his father Atanas. But one day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will […]

    Bulgaria 1 Minutes
  • The Silent Gardner (TRAILER)

      The Trailer to “The Silent Gardner”. After a catastrophe, the world is empty, one boy has to fight against lonelienes and hoplessnes.  

    Luxembourg 1 Minutes
  • Fashion Chicks (TRAILER)

      A psychological drama centered around world-famous turn-of-the-century photographer, Eadweard Muybridge who photographed nude and deformed subjects, became the godfather of cinema, murdered his wife’s lover, and was the last American to receive the justifiable homicide verdict.  

    Netherlands 2 Minutes
  • Portle

      Matt Portle and I started off as strangers. This narrative documentary is about how we became friends..  

    United States 8 Minutes
  • Domingo’s Wish*

      Marcelo works at a state agency and has a rock band in which continues to insist on achieving live music. Domingo, his grandfather, living in a nursing home, has ALZEHIMER and wants to go to Buenos Aires to […]

    Argentina 83 Minutes
  • Bronco’s House*

      Bronco’s House – one man’s quest for a roof. A contemporary moral tale of love, lust, birth, death, infidelity, murder, revenge, redemption… and the housing crisis. Shot on a clockwork camera, on 16mm black & white negative stock, […]

    United Kingdom 44 Minutes
  • The Spirit Of Cincinnatus*

    Original Title: The Spirit Of Cincinnatus Growing With Cincinnati In July 2015, ArtWorks and Kroger Co. hired 4 young filmmaking apprentices and 1 professional to create this film. In 1983, Richard Haas painted Cincinnati’s monumental mural “The Cincinnatus Mural.” This […]

    United States 16 Minutes
  • Down on Cherry Lane

      Down on Cherry Lane is a mocumentary style satire that follows Diana White, a roving reporter as she does a story on how the adult entertainment industry manipulates women. Diana meets pornographer Leonard Ralston and adult actress Cherry […]

    United Kingdom, United States 22 Minutes
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