• Sunnyside

      Working in an office processing the details of the soon-to-be deceased can be rather grim, especially when the next name on the list is a friend and co-worker.

    United Kingdom 12 Minutes
  • Ugly

      Frank and Elizabeth will have a child. But the day of the birth, Elizabeth’s secrets will be revealed and nothing will happen as Franck hoped.    Ugly Film Review

    France 14 Minutes
  • Authority

      Control is an illusion, your power comes from within. It all starts from the heart. The heart is also the first to receive information biologically “heart math institute”. Even when we are born the heart is the first […]

    United States 8 Minutes
  • Luminarias

      A lonely little girl who recently lost her mother, follows a magic jellyfish into the sky.  

    United States 4 Minutes
  • Domestic Cat

      A Tabby helps her owners cope with their busy working week.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • He and She

      There’s a whiff of Casablanca in the air here at this lonely Central German rest stop. Thomas would rather be alone here as well, but instead he meets the eccentric Annemarie.  

    Germany 15 Minutes
  • Wir bringen kalten Kaffee mit

      An extended music video by the german band Wir bringen kalten Kaffee mit. Two rather strange guys in something like a trailer park having an argument, which escalades quickly.   Wir bringen kalten Kaffee mit Film Review

    Germany 9 Minutes
  • The Hag: Bloodline*

      A young woman reflects on her childhood, as she struggles with depression, sleep paralysis and a night terror known as the old hag.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Canada 35 Minutes
  • To Whom It May Concern I Love You*

      When a young woman arrives for a date at a bar with a male escort, she is horrified to discover he is none other than her ex boyfriend.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 8 Minutes
  • We Call This Home

      In 2011, Walter Chang quit his job and embarked on what would become a 3 year backpacking trip to 60 countries. His travels resulted in the “We Call This Home” project. The viral short film and the accompanying […]

    United States 3 Minutes
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