• Sandro Cavazza – The Days

      In this emotional music video Sandro Cavazza says goodbye to his career as an artist. Affected by his friend Avicii’s (Tim Berling) passing and after years of doubts Sandro Cavazza made the decision end his career as an […]

    Nov 19, 2022
    Sweden 3 Minutes Paul Jerndal
  • Kimyan Law – Uaminifu*

      Sent on a quest to obtain the Emblem of Peace, Kimyan needs to learn to trust to find his path. On his way he encounters the people and natural environments of this world.   *Only a trailer is […]

    Oct 12, 2022
    Austria 7 Minutes Nicola Mpunga, Cedric Hikule'o Lasnig
  • Particles

      Take a deep three-minute long breath. The Piqued Jacks release Particles, the second single of a journey that is free of constraints or albums on the horizon. It sings of a dream of endless freedom in the style […]

    May 21, 2022
    Italy 4 Minutes Paolo Sodi
  • Resina – A Crooked God

      This story from the early 18th century, is about struggle, faith, and belief. Do we invent our own reality, by creating our own Gods and believing blindly in our creations?  

    Apr 1, 2022
    United Kingdom 4 Minutes Tamas Levardi
  • Amour

      Two astropilots travel through space and time.     

    Jan 5, 2022
    United States 5 Minutes Andres Soler
  • Maya / I Can’t Wait*

      In Hinduism, the word often refers to the illusion of the materialistic world. Maya is also believed to be a Goddess, with the power of illusion. Her beauty was so enchanting that even the gods couldn’t break her […]

    Nov 1, 2021
    India 2 Minutes Arvind Singh Jeena
  • The End of the World

      The animation videoclip “The End of the World”, created by Marcio Mota for the song by Helô Ribeiro and the great Brazilian poet João Cabral de Melo Neto, portrays in a poetic and lysergic way an apathetic and […]

    Oct 5, 2021
    Brazil 5 Minutes Marcio H Mota
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