• First Date (TRAILER)

      Adriana has limited communication with the outside world after two years of intensive counseling for her PTSD from an event that removes her from an ordinary life that she deserves. Adriana the CEO of an international firm uses […]

    United States 2 Minutes
  • Third World (TRAILER)

      Lily is able to communicate with Isis in spiritual ways in the light of information she has learned from Henry. Isis, who hasn’t been out of her own division in the temple for centuries, following this communication, exits […]

    Turkey 1 Minutes
  • Blackjack (TRAILER)

      Five players, a stack of cash, and everyone wants to win. Just one problem: Nobody is playing the same game.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Rani (TRAILER)

      Rani is a female centric short film about the subtle cultural discrimination faced by a 15 year old school going girl from Indian society. The film also structures as a story meant to speak about arcane notions of […]

    India 1 Minutes
  • You Are My Daughter (TRAILER)

      Fear can be derived from love; and fear leads to complete possession. The protagonist is trapped inside her frightening and scattered memories. She is the victim, desperately searching for a way out of her fears while her beloved […]

    Hong Kong 1 Minutes
  • A Picnic Table, At Dusk*

      A grieving teen has a mysterious correspondence with an unseen stranger by leaving messages on a picnic table at the park near her house.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    United States 11 Minutes
  • Gloria*

      Four friends swear the solemn oath.   *Only a teaser is available for now.

    Canada 5 Minutes
  • SuperDead**

      In the fall out of a superhero and villain battle, an every day man lost his family in a fight they had no part in. For 23 years he has plotted his cold hard revenge to bring Earth’s […]

    United Kingdom 10 Minutes
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