• Time Left

    If the possibility of knowing exactly how much time there is left until the end of your life, would you choose to have access to this piece of information, or would you rather be kept in the dark about […]

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  • Saint Hubert

    The thick forests of Eastern Belgium, and a thorough search by police and local authorities – this is the contrasting image with which Saint Hubert starts. From the very first frame, it beautifully portrays the purity of untamed nature, […]

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  • Olvidadizo

    A woman walks by a rocky coastal area in broad daylight, all alone and not a soul around her. Suddenly, she gets hit in the head with a rock and falls to the ground, dead. Soon after, we are […]

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  • Eden

    The title chosen for this Portuguese short film is largely antithetical in nature, as it chronicles a repressive society instead of an ideal one. It is set in Portugal in 1974, the year when the right-wing dictatorship known as […]

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  • The Red Case

    Sarah, a nurse in her 30s with a passion for jazz music, encounters someone who strikes her as a very peculiar man, while going to work one morning. Later, she meets the exact same person, but this time as […]

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  • The Return of the Train

    The 1960s in a remote French village. Everyday life is rather monotonous, and events really struggle to make the headlines. Sophie, a young girl, dreams to one day leave the community and make a name for herself – however, […]

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  • Nikki Marianne

    High school period has a reputation for the intense passions it nurtures and every so often for its unfulfilled love crushes. An ‘era’ when Eros is stirring up the blood, sprinkling the path to maturation with secret yearnings, nostalgia […]

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    What is time? Do we need it? How do we feel about it? Is it tangible? Can we live without it? A beggar stands waiting in the street stretching out an empty can towards the passers by and with […]

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  • Man Is Cruel

    A man part of an evil sect is starting to doubt his actions. As a new victim is prepared to be executed he himself emerges as being trapped by the condition he had chosen.   Gustav Bondeson’s short film […]

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  • The Jigsaw

    A man is trying to purchase a jigsaw from a merchant but the merchant highlights the puzzle is not something the man should consider as it has been returned many times before by its clients. Of course what else […]

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