In his statement concerning the movie, Christophe Karabache said that he wanted Zeitgeist Protest to be ‘an identity quest of sorts. A struggle for finding oneself.’ The general theme of ‘finding oneself’ is one of the biggest clichés Osho taught the world and now, more and more people use this to describe their so-called art. There are lots and lots of cases of photographers displaying non-sense pictures representing ‘still life’ (a bucket, a handkerchief and some apple seeds for example on a dirty table) and use the ‘finding oneself’ motto. The real journey for inner peace was very well portrayed in the 19th and 20th century novels where most of the times the authors were not aware of this matter.


This movie is addressed to a certain group of people, and that is because there are many scenes that are right on the edge. ‘Zeitgeist Protest’ is not an artistic movie, but a trance that one can hardly get away from. The story is based mostly on senses, most of their actions are symbolic, nothing is said and everything is experienced. There are certain scenes where we can easily see the same angst David Fincher projected in his movies and the main character represents the prototype of the alienated man in a space that is rejecting him.


What we enjoyed in this film was the camera movement and the long shots. This way of expressing deep and painful emotions is perfect for this film, mainly because the soundtrack doesn’t come in this combination to make a whole out of it. Still, the shot of the main character smoking at the window or the sex-scene in the open field enhance the drama and the alienation of the character.


Based on the title, the movie captures a short time period and the analysis of the moods and ideas is complex. The whole movie is a protest against our modern world – when everything moves very fast and there is no time to spare for yourself, you become a robot. In Zeitgeist Protest the riot of the simple man, the alien, against the society represents the natural status the man had before modernity struck our world. The man is condemned to fight and if he wins, he won the world.