Two neighbours in a caravan park, each with their own caravan, prepare themselves for Christmas, except that one likes Christmas while the other likes… guns and manly tools and is not quite in the Christmas mood.

Leo Feisthauer and Tim Koglin team up to direct this student music video of the band called Wir bringen kalten Kaffee mit. The video is absolutely crazy! After each of the two shows off with a bigger, more powerful tool than his peer’s, the envy between the two hateful neighbours finally bursts out: out of pure accident, the dog of the ‘Christmas-hater’ gets shot deadly. This triggers a competition of revenge and destruction between the two lubberheads.


The video has actually been structured as a short film lasting for over 8 minutes. By the time the music starts, characters have already been established. The story is enabled with a humorous tone opening with the presentation of a character nevertheless humorous himself… at first.


The clip of the two directors doesn’t lack its meanings either: both personages are coming from the lower layers of society. They live in trailers and caravans. And one is easily showed that this is not due to their modest nature but due to their incapacity of earning themselves a higher statute. Leo Feisthauser and Tom Koglin make an excellent job sketching the two protagonists – the poor underwear, the walk in disgust and the epic clumsiness depict a lazy and envious temper on one side, while the military wardrobe, the new acquisition of a gun machine and the bossy attitude sketch a hateful nature of the personage on the opposite side. When envy takes over, it’s the last step to ultimate war against each other. It is interesting to observe that despite having a horror vision about the outcome of the day, the lazy one is unable to understand the sign and ignores the warning. This is actually a lesson about the unbridled side of the human spirit and about resigning to the instincts which blinds the mind and neutralises discernment leading to catastrophe.


Well shot and gaining unstoppable momentum, the ‘Wir bringen kalten Kaffee mit’ video is pure madness! Enjoy!