Written by Brian Rose and directed by Luis Solarat, ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ is a 2023 feature length documentary that chronicles the struggles of Brian Rose and his YouTube channel London Real in the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic. After inviting known conspiracy theorist David Icke as a guest on his YouTube show, Brian Rose had no idea that what he would face would essentially be an onslaught on his personal and professional life by Silicon Valley. As both the government and Google go against him and his channel is taken down, Rose finds his options limiting. What follows is a monumental struggle for free speech in a world that is increasingly censoring itself into fascism.


The coronavirus epidemic of 2020 was an interesting inflection point in recent memory. Long championing itself to be a bastion of freedom and free speech, the West suddenly went against its own ideals after hundreds began to die of respiratory failure resulting from the virus. Any idea and conversation questioning the vaccines was censored and there was extreme government propaganda to ensure that everyone took the purported vaccines. Analysts and even scientists who wanted more research before injecting billions with this new drug were hounded out of their jobs and what followed was total government control as it forced citizens to comply. London Rose’s demise was a result of this government fascism and Brian Rose’s only crime was that he had dared to bring a diverse viewpoint about Covid onto his show in the shape of Mr. David Icke. Long considered a pariah, Icke’s viral interview with Rose sent the establishment into overdrive as it seeked to limit the fallout.


‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ celebrates the struggles of Brian Rose as he fights back against the censorship of Big Tech. Rose and countless others were effectively shut out of their own channels for questioning the government and it is great to see them retake some of that initiative back as the world snaps out of the Covid insanity. Director Luis Solarat structures the documentary in a way that keeps things interesting, providing the necessary backdrop whilst apprising the audience of what follows.


Truth be told, the documentary’s production quality is fantastic. From slickly edited snippets of real news interspersed with new imagery to pacing that ensures the audience never loses its focus, the documentary is hard hitting. Equally impressive is the sound design that rivals any major studio production. Packed with resonant themes about the meaning of freedom in today’s world coupled with some big questions about trust in those who rule us, the documentary is both poignant and thought-provoking.


The world is changing. The freedoms we thought we had in the West are slowly being eroded and as the West slowly moves to exert greater control over its populace, voices of resistance to this tyranny become more important. It is these voices that ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’ celebrates and it does so with resolve and integrity. The documentary is another successful boost to the anti-establishment movement in the West and will help Brian Rose attain the justice he so deserves.