End of the world. Many have imagined it before. Desolating loneliness and isolated bands looking for lost goods. Two team up to survive looking for leftovers: whatever they might be. But in such scarce conditions mind itself is a ruin. Hard to tell between sanity and madness, between reality and mirage.


Directors Nicci Thomson and Matt Hielsberg’s film ‘We sit. We drink. No guns.’ is one of the most intense science fiction films in our festival so far. Their main character hangs between mixed memories and personal drama, deals with environment roughness, fills his loneliness with his more talkative buddy and tries to hold out to the provocative, challenging, spontaneous situations that arise in this ‘competitive’ world. The public will experience all the tiredness and distastefulness of the environment that besiege the main character – he himself quite disagreeable.


This is a film that will turn loneliness inside out and will show you what hides beyond. It is one of the very few successful psychological Sci-fi shorts we’ve seen.


Cinematography looks neat and all is well lit and set, directors tread careful and convincing and the actors do great. Daz Byard (the main character) especially does an outstanding job. The action isn’t rushed nor stretched, the script well written and the film is entertaining.


‘We sit. We drink. No guns.’ will serve you not a spectacular but an unforeseen surprising ending about which we can only say: so simple, so profound. A truly great and enjoyable film!!!