Grace Combs’s Waterfowl(ed)is a short documentary about the impact of humans and human communities on wildlife birds in North Carolina. The film follows testimonials from different persons in different fields (doctors, NGO’s, wild birds care-facility experts etc.) about the cases of birds in danger that they have encountered and the awkward situations that endangered their lives: from fish nets set up by fishermen, to chemical substances used by people for gardening and sewer line ruptures washed by the water tide into the wild birds’ environment.


Grace Combs’s short documentary is well structured, accompanying the interviews with real footage about most of the birds cases  they speak about.The film’s visuals really make you think a lot about your actions as a human and their unsuspected impact over the environment. The director together with the editor intertwine the images exactly as they should in order to achieve the awareness effect they aim for.


‘Waterfowl(ed)’ is a very private look at the unbeknownst mutilation of the wild birds committed by humans through their actions and the measures meant to ensure their everyday comfort of living.


Highly and justly preachy, ‘Waterfowl(ed)’ has the power to mirror to the viewer the indifference they are taking part of when it comes down to the care taken of the natural environment surrounding them.