Shakespeare speaks this time through a very different character: a mouse. This is all even more fun and amusing as he is doing this in the name of love. Facts and happenings will twist in such a manner that he will have the power to influence the faith of his beloved: will he do it? And how?


“W”, directors Francesca Draghetti, Daniele Coluccini and Matteo Botrugno’s short film is an original Shakespearean love story. Like all Shakespearean screenings it debates upon courage and love (mostly because of the dialogue, of course). Love can only be gained through courage and courage in its turn is motivated by love.


The directors use a very good reciter for the monologue, a voice that has a good resonance to stand for maturity and boldness. The photographic treatment is also interesting. And what we’ve also found interesting is the placement of the story – in a theater. We find this very amusing and symbolic. Even though many of Shakespeare writings should still (and sometimes do) find their actuality in our contemporary era – the twists in dramas in his plays we think actually do – his writings and meanings only find their true intensity on the stage nowadays. The theater remains the natural habitat of a Shakespearean spirit. And the mouse?… A Shakespearean spirit has its own universality. After all, everybody knows about love.


We learned a nice nickname for the mouse in this short film “W” like William. What we think that would have helped a little more was a bit of more acting and more attention to it, otherwise Francesca Draghetti, Daniele Coluccini and Matteo Botrugno’s short is an entertaining watch.