A teenager with problems to adapt socially attempts to commit suicide. When his father decides to put him in a mental ward his younger brother runs to save him.


Kristín Ísabella Karlsdóttir follows not only the strong brother-ship bond between the two characters but also explores the unpredictable character of human mind. The lack of such understanding combined with good intentions rooted in the innocence of a young soul can produce undo-able and regrettable results. It is not the young spirits to be blamed for their nature and deeds but those responsible for their guidance.


Unfolded’ is a psychological short film with an experimental hue that looks like it is rather trying to raise questions, make minds aware and determine them to look and find solutions than offering answers.


The two brothers’ drama is deeply rooted in their family’s receptiveness to their problems. Regarded somehow through the eyes of the characters gravitating around the protagonist, showing the different conceptions and views of different persons over the same problem that are starting a conflict instead of looking for a way of dealing with the issue, Kristín Ísabella Karlsdóttir’s short film charges the youngest protagonist with the deepest remorse.


Unfolded’ has been awarded the 2nd Prize for Film of the Month Award for its power to depict the cruel response of life to untreated matters.