Uncanny Valley’ by Federico Heller is one very special appearance in our festival. Mixing two genres – documentary and Sci-Fi film – to the point where they intertwine so profoundly that it becomes impossible to make the difference between the two. The future hosts virtual reality junkies hiding from the light of the day in obscure rooms, continuously looking to satisfy their violent impulses online. All of a sudden, one of the players realises he cannot make the difference between the reality and the game anymore.


Federico Heller’s film looks like an interview without an interviewer, like an uncanny recorded testimony sent to raise awareness in the present from those living the nightmare in the future. His characters have no guidance, no counselling, they are served the possibility to play unconditionally: no law, no regulations, no limits. The mind is getting confused, obsessed, addicted. Virtual reality is the new drug.


With great visual effects, and good cinematography ‘Uncanny Valley’ raises powerful awareness about technological breakthroughs and their unconditional use. Federico Heller’s idea is brilliant. TMFF has awarded his film with 2nd place for Film of March for his powerful anticipating spirit and his vision over a very actual and fresh theme in its early stages.


This is one intensive film experience that is hard to forget!