True Copy’ is coming from director Olga Belova. A man has been exposed to an unknown experiment and is shape shifting to his last encountered person. He has become a copy of others but with own conscience. While trying to escape and wonder off independently, the ‘form shifter’ has to deal with every person he ‘copies’.


Mysterious and thrilling, ‘True Copy’ enthrals one immediately. The outstanding cinematography makes the entire ‘trip’ enjoyable and makes it easy for the viewer to engage the story alongside its characters. Actors do great and act convincingly. Everything looks like a high-end production and promises to deliver good visual aesthetics making ‘True Copy’ very stimulating emotionally.


The subject is well built guiding the public through a vast array of feelings: curiosity, thrills, mystery, suspense, you experience them all. The film’s sci-fi elements are incredible simply simulated but senseless applied and very fluent. One will not miss the special effects, the bombastic hollywoodian show off. On the contrary, director Olga Belova’s confidence behind the camera will treat the public with a quality both psychological and spectacular unfolding of the theme.


A surprisingly enjoyable watch, professionally put together and with exceptional cinematic feel. Ensure yourself you don’t miss ‘True Copy’!