Tatyana Kim’s short film ‘Tragiometry‘ is as unforeseeable as life. While an undertaker is trying to remain profitable he receives a body that suddenly awakens from the ‘deep sleep’, practically ruining his business. Things will start to go crazy when the freshly awakened supposedly dead man expresses his wish to be sent back to The Gates Of Hades.


Characters will be caught between each others’ personal stories and ideas to come with a solution to be profitable both ways. But the situation is complicated again by an unfortunate row of misunderstood coincidences that will lead to nothing else but… tragedy. Don’t get fooled though, director Tatyana Kim is not serving us a tragedy but a tasty dark comedy that is laughing at the seriousness of tragedy. Not because a tragedy would not be a serious thing but because its seriousness wells up from the exaggerated importance that a man is giving it.


If we analyse the chain of events taking place in ‘Tragiometry’, we observe the director serving the characters exactly what they deserve and very accordingly to their condition and nature but in a very ironic way. It’s Tatyana Kim’s way of saying that each one’s nature and condition is responsible for whatever tragedy may be happening out there.


Death gains different meanings and statutes depending on whom it embraces. From some it takes the form of a second chance… or maybe rather a punishment by refusing to ‘arrive’, for others it arrives unexpectedly to take away from them whatever they seem not to be treasuring at its true value: life, of course.


We find ‘Tragiometry’ a highly entertaining film, unpredictable, twisted and undoubtedly meaningful. It has good music, excellent sets, good acting and cinematography. We definitely recommend it!