When hard times are coming, we have to take the right decisions even though sometimes the right decisions prove to be wrong. ‘Top Coat Cash’ is a movie about decisions, both good or bad, taken at the right moment.


After losing a very important fight, MMA fighter Johnny Thompson comes back home from Las Vegas for a good and healthy refresh. He starts training with his former coach so he can reclaim his glory. But some plans don’t turn out how you’d hoped. Meeting many people from his past, Johnny gets in trouble with some ex ‘business’ partners, finding himself in quite a lot of debt. At the same time, some other former associates are planning to do a bank heist, but they need people to help them with this plan and therefore all of their destinies will meet at one certain point where they plan the ultimate escape mission to clear everyone’s life for good.


Though going over one hundred minutes in runtime, David Tittone’s feature film is a daring, fun and appealing project. The narrative really caught us from the very beginning as its screenplay was written with great care on the details. The storyline is fluid and has very few weak points, making it really interesting for every viewer out there. The dialogue is natural, without any shrills, reminding us of those good sharp-edged movies like the ‘Taken’ series or similar action movies that shaped our taste for this genre.


Interestingly enough, we’ve had a déjà-vu whilst re-watching ‘Top Coat Cash’. The story of a fighter that lost almost everything and is on the verge of doing something crazy for his life was seen before in a brilliant top movie of the nineties. Even though it was one of the side stories, the Pulp Fiction story of Butch Coolidge is quite similar. A boxer at the end of his career gets bribed to lose a match on purpose. Instead, he wins that game and plans to leave town alongside his girlfriend. The stories are not that different, and we were really glad to see this reference herein ‘Top Coat Cash’.


We’ve watched this film twice just because it reminded us of the good old times where action movies were more action and less visual effects. ‘Top Coat Cash’ presents an engaging story that will intrigue the viewers of any age, and will restore the lost faith in action movies once and for all.