Television is nowadays accompanying us since our beginnings. We grow with TV, we guide our lives according to customs and habits picked up from and created by TV, we ‘borrow’ our fashion from TV, broadcasted trends and ideas become guidelines to live our lives.


Television is so widely spread and has become such an indispensable accessory that its power of manipulation is for most of us unavoidable.


This is what director Nicole Pometti follows up in her short film ’This Is Your Life’. Her film has a bit of an experimental side by very interestingly isolating the individual person with the television and developing the relationship between the two sides.The most interesting fact is the way the young director imagines and highlights the powerful influence and manipulating spirit of television by personifying it. The process is very subtle, very subliminal and very perverted.


There is much awareness in Nicole Pometti’s short film and she sounds the alarm for what presents itself as the plague of the 21st century.


Mind control is here and you don’t know it. Your thoughts are misguided, your emotions played off, your desire are programmed and your future is default. Your individuality is endangered. Will you be able to regain your own discernment?