There’s no more roast‘ is a music video directed by Andrea Di Bartolo. We aren’t going to comment on the song or anything connected to it, but we have to mention that the video is quite nice for a music video.


First of all it is obviously a metaphor. The roast is – if we think about it – the food of the wealthy. So there you go, no more roast for others to become wealthy or taste the wellness. ‘Why?’ is the first question that rises when reading this, right? The answer is suggested by the lyrics but we all know it: because the previous generations did not leave anything for those to come.


We felt reproach against corruption, greed and selfishness. The video is located in ruined areas and is haunted by a desolation mood. This fits the lyrics very well and the cinematography is pretty good too. There are certain elements in the video that speak about Andrea Di Bartolo’s directorial abilities, like a set of toys among the ruins some of which copy things that used to be symbols of wealth – like a Ferrari car toy and other symbols of a happy childhood. But while the toys stand out among the ruins we can see no child, thing which again sends to an unfriendly environment for raising children. Moreover, the main character in the video is wearing a gas mask which can be interpreted as a lack of trust in society, a way of isolating oneself from the selfishness of others – as even the air has become an endangered resource.


The video’s metaphor is very powerful and reminds of the duty one has over the legacy left to the descendants. Another good thing that complements the message of this music video is the suggestion of love through the appearance of a woman. But this could have a double meaning – love as a sign of caring for the future generations and love as a shelter from the flawed society.