The Winery is the new short documentary shot in stop-motion technique coming from our already well-known among TMFF filmmakers, Nobilis Bellator. His videos are always entailing great lyricism to approach themes making parallelisms with humanity.

‘The Winery’ makes no exception. Setting on a journey leading back into history, wine is well connected to our origins on Earth. Its roots stretch as far as Noah’s first act after the Flood which was to plant wines. The documentary is a lyric profile of wine pointing out to its condition of ‘divine elixir’ that is magnetic for man not only through its taste and purpose of consumption but also through its great resemblance in character. Just like man, wine has personality: it can be dry, sweet or rough, white or red, aged or fresh. The personality of a wine interestingly reflects that of its producer as good wine takes time to be achieved and its ‘character’ is ‘educated’. Man must be dedicated in investing time in the process of wine making and he needs great skills and patience to obtain great wine.


As this heavenly drink has accompanied man along history from the very beginnings it can be considered a direct inheritance from divinity. Not in its material form of course but as knowledge, as a set of talents planted in man. It is then the man who further cultivated this knowledge and it is only his duty that he would perfect and harness his talents to endow the ‘heavenly elixir’ with the majestic features that makes it so desirable. Wine emerges as a result of a man’s dedication and effort, of their skills and will to achieve greatness. It is why this irresistible drink can easily be considered as a mirror for the human spirit. Its taste and features: the colour, the texture, the scent embody the human qualities invested in it. The distinction of a wine is the mastery of the man that handled the process.

Accompanied by great cinematography, as director Nobilis Bellator has gotten us used by now, ‘The Winery’ is a testimony about the human potential to achieve excellence.

A short lyric and meaningful documentary, concise and sensitising that ‘invites’ you to reflection at a glass of good wine: a drink that will suddenly feel so much more than what it appears to be.