A young man is trying to move on after breaking up with his girlfriend. During his lonely walks on the seafront he meets a young woman whom he ends up hosting at his place. This will reveal a dark secret about her: her drug addiction. During her short stay at his place, he will offer her his support which will make their connection develop beyond friendship.


Dennis Cahlo’s film ‘The Weekend’ focuses on psychologies and personal dramas. Chloe has been fighting with addiction after her universe collapsed in front of loneliness, along with the lack of guidance with her parents always away from home and her grandmother dead when she was only 12 years old. Mesmerised by a moment of ‘illusory pleasure’ she started on a road she had not believed would be so ravaging.


Christian is a young man blaming himself for not being good enough and probably for not had fought harder for his previous girlfriend. But the truth is that he hides deep values under an honest character. He blames himself when in fact it’s the others who underrate him for not being able to share his values.


The meeting of the two will serve as a catharsis for both of them. They will not only find common values in each other but they will also balance one another emotionally. Their one weekend meeting will be a purifying one: purifying from the past, purifying from their own mistakes and most of all an emotional and psychological resurgence. Both actors deliver their parts well, proving good abilities of understanding their characters’ psychologies while the director knows perfectly which way to lead them.


The Weekend’ is a sensitive, entertaining love story that one will find hard to let go.