Kevin is going through a tough period after his wife earned the custody of their child and decided to leave him. In a moment of weakness he decides to drive back to the place they first met. On his way Kevin makes a good deed picking up Grady and giving him a ride to the next town. But there’s something uncanny about Grady, and things become even stranger when he pretends he has the ability to read people and starts to guess about Kevin’s situation.


Daniel Robinete’s idea behind his short film ‘The Time Will Comehas the ability to cast the right amount of suspense to engage the audience empathically and captivate their interest.


The element which will stir most interest is the motif of death reflected by Grady’s character, an impersonation that we would say sets the tone of the film and drives most of the film’s emotions.


You might have previously seen impersonations of death, but Daniel Robinette’s vision really stands out. Death’s role is far from being just to take lives or scare people with its presence of power over human existence, as it usually happens in mainstream films nowadays. The director of ‘The Time Will Comeproposes a widening perspective over the matter: death’s competence, before anything else, is to guide over the passing into the afterlife at the right moment and not one second before. Grady’s character becomes one meant to bring balance in the world. This shows a very mature understanding of things and a profound sensibility of the film’s creators.


Meanings are harnessed even deeper: Grady is washing his hands after each tangible encounter with a real person. This brings up an interesting debate about the sacredness of this misunderstood phenomenon, the message is clear: not everyone can access ‘afterlife’ at any desirable time. People have yet to know life before they know ‘afterlife’. Rarely have we seen ‘death’ treated with such cold discernment and respect in cinema. It is true this is a short film, but still, it is impossible to overlook the wise perception over the issue that emerges from it.


The Time Will Come’ is equally entertaining as it is meaningful and original in its approach. If you’re looking for a clever short thriller with horror tints, this one is for you!