The Session’ is a psychological comedy from director Molly Maguire. A patient arrives to her shrink only to benefit from a very strange straightforward treatment. By the time things have gone far beyond her admitting to her true state of being a sudden surprise will twist things to a shocking ending.


‘The Session’ stands out through exceptional acting before everything else. Simple as it looks to have been shot Molly Maguire’s short has the power to pull you in and intensely consume the theme before your eyes.


Nonetheless, despite its comedic nuances this is a film talking about human desires to subjugate others, about the need of importance and the fragility of being aware of its natural condition but afraid to resign to it. The director skilfully manages to combine the three above to create a powerful psychological conflict between the two main characters. By the end of the film one is left with the strange impression that the ‘doctor’’s role has in fact found a reflection of themselves in the shy, fragile patient and that the session is in fact a manifestation of that reflection, triggered by the zeal to make it dominate.


Either way ‘The Session’ is smartly built, intensely acted and shockingly ended. A watch that will intrigue both the intellect and the common sense!