A young man wakes up in the morning in a hurry. It’s the big day! If he pulls this off he will be promoted to New York and have lots of money. On his way to closing the deal everything works out perfect. It’s a wonderful world and he fits perfectly in it. He even meets his dream girl. But by the time he tries to call the number she left him he will realise it was just a dream. And he will start the day over in the same sequence.


Director Ignacio Redondo brings to screen a story about dreams and alternative versions of reality. In fact, what he does in ‘THE PERFECT DAY’, is to unveil the truth about the fiction in his film, but he does it as a prank played to his main character.


The theme ‘creator vs. creation’ can be identified as a layout for either contemplation on foredoomed destinies or a comic irony regarding the bad days that anyone would find it easier to take should the ‘creator’ pat them on the back and tell them it is all a joke, it has all been staged; It is all just a bad joke.


Made on a comedic tone, ‘THE PERFECT DAY’ is not meant to dramatise the events. The director only means to uncover the fiction and bring his character out of it, make him come out from the story in order to meet him. He is just showing caress to whom he suggests could be looked at as the victims of a ruthless prank.

Ignacio Redondo’s short film does not only amuse but delights its public with a quality piece of entertaining. Give it a try and see the outcome!