Directed by Chris Watson, ‘The New Language’ is a documentary that charts the journey of an up and coming Australian band of the same name. With one of the lead singers developing vocal nodules that diminish her ability to sing, the documentary follows the band through its ups and downs as it huddles together to get on top of this crisis.


You may have not heard about ‘The New Language’ before but the beauty of Watson’s documentary is that it will force you to take notice of the band. Consisting of young souls that just want to make great music and help the world heal its wounds, Watson’s film takes a peek into the creative process that all new bands are forced to go through. From finding inspiration in the strangest of places to overcoming unexpected disasters, the band is forced to prove its mettle in its search of fame and stardom.


One of the best things about ‘The New Language’ is how authentic it feels. Every member of the band comes across as an open book and we get to take a peek into their intimate lives as they try to build a name and a career around their passion. Danny, Oli, Tash, Kane and Jimmy are real people with real dreams. From their struggles to their trials and from their friendship to their camaraderie, the film illustrates ‘the real’ band and how they are behind the stage and in the confines of their homes. It is refreshing to see musicians open up about their fears and aspirations and ‘The New Language’ manages to capture all of this beautifully. Another great thing about the documentary is how accurately it manages to capture the visual beauty of Australia. While the focus of the film is primarily on the band members, we get to see them tour as Watson follows the band all across the continent. From stunning creeks where Tash retires to heal herself to idyllic little towns where the band goes to perform, ‘The New Language’ opens up a part of Australia to the audience which is rarely seen or talked about.


Authentic, original and above all inspiring, ‘The New Language’ is a fantastic dive into how a real band is built from the ground up and how they fare against an unexpected calamity. Watson has captured the essence and aspirations of the band as it rises to the occasion and in the process, defies convention to make history. it shows how a potent, bare bones documentary charting the daily life of a band can be so moving, inspiring and above all, electrifying.