Find out about the new wave of thriller-horror films: watch Daniele Lince’s short ‘The Mourners‘. This is one film that starts calmly on the river side at a fishing game and inexplicably twists on and back from an underground environment story that looks menacing but starts to become creepier the deeper you get into it.


As the film moves forward both on the river side and in the underground set, things start escalating gradually leaving you with a missing link between the two sets until things become so creepy that you will feel chills down your spine.


Beyond the grisly nature of ‘The Mourners’ there hides a shocking truth about human nature: humans are capable of coming up with and applying hideous measures to achieve common results. The propelling ‘engine’ of such extreme measures is desperation, lack of control on one’s own self and frustration. As a matter of fact even obsession is a reason good enough to have recourse to lugubrious extents.


Rarely has it been given to us to learn about human gruesome, egoism, desperation and frustration so much and at such extent from a film as from Daniele Lince’s short. Everything in the story is well connected, characters are genuine and true, actors do great, the film is well filmed and the parallel editing juggling between the two sets – the river and the underground club – is simply delicious measuring the film’s moments like a watch’s second hand ticking one second at a time, taking you closer to the round minute.


We could say more but we would not spoil this further but leave things for your own watch and curiosity.