The Living God: Medicine and The Ancient Meetei Civilization by Prakas Aheibam is an example of documentary film produced from nothing by resourceless staff who have deep consciousness and appreciation of old values… or rather forgotten human values that call out for their redeeming.


It is not the script, the cinematography or the overall cinematographic approach that keeps you watching, for it would be no surprise if this was a film of personal initiative (and neither does it look like these were an end in themselves) but rather the curiosity about unknown things and unsuspected resources of past civilizations and the huge amount of shallowness and materialism of modern era that cast their shadow so easily upon them.


It really makes you contemplate upon the undiscovered knowledge and the infinite means and resources of the universe revealed to man only through deep spirituality and consideration of great forces. Questions related to human limits, human abilities, infinite and… God, rise up only to remind you that every so often we should assign more of our thoughts to the search and preservation of deeper values and less to media and social entertainment.


‘The Living God: Medicine and The Ancient Meetei Civilization’ is surely the result of an author fully committed to the theme.