An operative – as director Brent Rotnem himself calls his main character – is caught in the middle of a data hack and an identity theft conspiracy. ‘The Leak’ is a noir film to the bone. The monologue and the dialogue are quite lyric and so is much of the cinematography. There are some very photographic shots and beautiful framing in ‘The Leak’ that will enchant the public’s eyes.


The idea of storytelling about contemporary informatics data theft in a noir way seemed quite interesting to us, giving a bit of surrealism to the film, which is also a combination of police story and psychological thriller.


We think that what potentiates the film most is its ending. It is an ending that leaves you thinking about things done according to very bitter plans by very eager people who accomplish them by any means even when they lose their sense and logic. There is very much stubbornness to carry out things out of inertia even when there is no more need of them.


The film is definitely raising the problem of social media dangers and the digital computerized society. The acting might have supported a bit more toning and the clichés a certain aim and reason of their use, but overall ‘The Leak’ is a film of its genre. Watchers will be served an intense noir experience.