Stephen Turselli’s film, ‘The Last Transmission’ tells the story of a pilot who encounters an UFO when flying above Roswell and the air traffic controller who manages his last transmission before never hearing from him again.


‘The Last Transmission’ analyses the traffic controller’s last day at work before he retires. It’s a vapid day with a vapid breakfast taken probably from a vapid life to which the traffic controller resigned. What are the chances for something extraordinary to happen in his last day?


Stephen Turselli’s characters are the inhabitants and rulers of one of the places on earth where relativity of time and space is really on the slow side. It might be the isolated area, it might be the slow pace of people but events at the air traffic control tower are rare and they look like the only ‘crop of an infertile land’.


‘The Last Transmission’ narrates patiently through events with a stylised 80’s filmic look, building up slowly from a life’s presentation to outlining the exceptional circumstances and eventually tensing up to the outcome. In the slow-spaced environment that hosts the last transmission of the pilot, the air traffic control tower and its staff look resourceless, overcome and outdated.


A nicely executed film that has been awarded the 1st prize for Film Of March by TMFF for its ability to sketch the subtleties of the common reality behind the sensational Roswell event.