‘The Lady In Red’: a metaphor-film that sets your mind on contemplating death.


A man meets a woman at different stages and ages in his life; but she is always young and beautiful and always in a red dress. When he will finally discover her mystery he will find it hard to accept it.


Mikhail Uchitelev manages to keep the mystery until the last moment. With some of the actors from his other film, ‘The Way Out’, he takes us this time on a trip beyond our physical world. The Lady in red is a symbol of the care the universe indulges on us, of the intentional arrangement and order in the world, of the ‘unreachable’ faith. Man will always find himself crushed under the weight of absolute. The Lady’s character can resonate its symbol on several layers: it could be the impersonation of the guarding angel, it could be faith or death.


We think what potentiates the film’s meanings the most is ‘death’. Death as a philosophic concept. Death that stands by our side from the moment of birth to the moment of our ‘departure’. Life should teach us how to become aware of it and guide our actions with it in mind. However, when the moment comes we oftenly find it hard to accept and resign to it and we’d go so far as naively trying to cheat it.


Mikhail Uchitelev manages again to make a powerful film that pushes the public to reflection and awareness: ‘The Lady In Red’.