You’d never think the person that hides behind a clown would be more than a funny and sometimes even a ridiculous person. However, ‘The Greatest Show On Earth‘,  a ‘backstage’ documentary about clown psychology and job profile, explores the deeper meanings of clown related activities and the high sensitiveness and insightful thinking of the people behind the masks and costumes.


You will be introduced by director Denholm Hewlett in a world of unsuspected understanding of human emotion and you will also have the chance to explore different existing clown faces and their self assumed roles by their bearers.


Director Denholm Hewlett does a good job at pointing towards the personality behind the mask and in this way illustrating the biopsy of the mechanism that puts the mask ‘in motion’.


It looks like the clown mask offers a naked manifestation of human emotions in their purest states – uncensored and judgement in which the public can identify the reflection of own unexpressed feelings.


It’s like the man who interprets the clown is fading himself away behind the mask, leaving only the emotions behind in their purest state to drive, control and command the behaviour and actions of the clown.


A successful documentary about one of the most curious jobs in the world.