Contemporary people are natural born consumers. They want to taste everything, they want to consume everything, they want to own everything. They don’t know how to stop and there is nobody capable to teach them that. They will simply eat until nothing is left. Their greed has no limit.


Director Besim Ugzmajli puts it all into his very short allegoric film ‘The Eaters’. As the director himself says, the film is about the conflict between the past generations and the future ones; the old who are on a roll and the new for whom nothing will be left behind. So if the greed of the past generations has no cure then what should the new generations do? Exterminate the older ones?


However, we think things can go on an even deeper level of understanding: therefore we liked to also learn about the conflict between the people’s greed and the divine intervention on behalf of the endangered creation.


There are some symbols being drawn on the fruits the eater eats, and on the last one he tries to eat – that is only served with an extra flavour – earth’s map is drawn. This made us think about humans’ self destructive nature and the ultimate lesson the divinity might give us – letting us deal with a piece too big to swallow without interfering.


‘The Eaters’ is a very interesting and powerful allegory and besides being well made it can be looked at from very different perspectives. We are sure that if you have a look you will collect your own understandings and ideas.