The Dalai Lama: Scientist’ brings to light some unknown yet fascinating facts about Dalai Lama, facts that in many ways can be contradictory to what some people may think. This is one reason why we will try to approach this subject with great care so we don’t offend anyone by mistake.


In western culture, there is a general belief that religious people of any kind tend to be skeptical to science and all the discussions that bloom near every topic surrounding science. The original book of any religion speaks of the man coming from a place, having a well-documented path to find knowledge, and, in one way or another, sending it back to the world. Based on this feature film and most of all, based on the information the film foregrounds, Dalai Lama occupies a unique position in the reign of beliefs. He was friends with some of the greatest minds this world ever had, and most of all, he was open to discussion and to progress. Being able to understand science even when seen as a holly person has to be a new thing that definitely changes the overall view of the religious spectre.


Dawn Gifford Engle’s feature is a biopic seen from a different angle, raising awareness in the viewers by having the great element of novelty. When it comes to significant and emblematic people, The Dalai Lama is one of those few ones almost everyone in this world can name and identify. Having the chance to see a new face of him, the human that is always focused not only on the soul but also on the process of human evolution is purely amazing. The impressive interview footage presented to people like us who only had the chance to see the TV version of Dalai Lama is mind-blowing, another reason why we think this documentary has reached its purpose – to amaze and arouse interest over a subject that was always quite delicate among both believers and non-believers. We say that based on his story, presented in this documentary with great detail, professionalism and patience. One cannot take a movie of this kind out of the blue and say that it is good or bad as it does not qualify for this shallow separation, mainly because it comes with a massive amount of information, never sugarcoated, and always presenting the truth, even when the reality out there was more than the mind can possibly conceive.


Dawn Gifford Engle’s work and initiative with this film are praiseworthy for bringing a story worth thousands pages in front of us in less than one hundred minutes. A perfectly crafted documentary that has the power to change minds!