After a man is in pain because of the death of his beloved one, he decides to commit suicide, experiencing at the same time a journey that will make his soul shiver.


Annamaria Lorusso’s film ‘The Choice’ is one shocking horror-drama that you won’t easily get out of your mind. We’d rate this 18 for violence and strong erotic content. There are some frames in this film that simply challenge most of what we’ve seen so far in a short film. The director’s direct and rough approach to the production manages to bring to life the deepest fears we’re sure many of us have confronted with within our thoughts and minds. ‘The Choice’ makes you reflect on your own demons, past and future acts and we’d go so far as saying that it simply has the power to activate your conscience.


They don’t gratuitously say that some of the choices you make you will have to forever live with by the end of your life. Actually the consequences of all of your actions might find you after death. We have a purpose in this earthly life and the first of it is treating our life and those around us with respect; life is a one-time gift that once spent is gone and no one gets a second chance.


There is a physical purpose and a spiritual purpose in life and they serve each other: the spiritual purpose is to make you aware of the physical duties, while the physical duties done out of conscience serve the reasons of the spiritual purpose, strengthening the character and temper of man. Happiness and sorrow are opposites that a man has to learn to treat and deal with equally.

We find Annamaria Lorusso’s film a very intense and haunting experience. Especially for the horror fans we think this is going to be quite an entertaining watch.