A woman blowing her nose in the background, a monitor on which the internet browser reads: ‘The waking dead, malfunctions in oculus techology’, then the search changes into ‘man with van and gravedigger’… At this point you already started asking yourself a lot of questions as a viewer. We’ve watched it intrigued and uneased. 


Temporal’ is an unusual, untypical version of a movie with people waking up from the death. It is filmed only out of very close shots and cinematography is rather sensitive than visual. On occasions it will push you to concentrating on sound to understand what is going on. Director Betty Kaplan’s film is like a puzzle: it is up to the viewer to put the pieces together. Cinematography is oftenly a little unclear and mostly because it defines the subjective point of view of… we’re not going to tell you actually. But cinematography is what casts the ‘experimental’ on the overall work in the first place. 


However, unlike other experimental films the director will delicately guide you to the film’s deciphering. ‘Temporal’ offers a very interesting ‘experimental’ film experience with an original directorial approach and vision on the waking dead theme.


You sense a little gravity there regarding today’s technology and its effects. There is also a bit of emphasis on the two main characters’ relationship which brings up the rights and the wrongs of actions taken out of love.


If you don’t read the synopsis, we bet you’ll have a puzzling experience watching Betty Kaplan’s ‘Temporal’ right until the end of the film, when you’ll receive the last piece of the puzzle.