A girl is driving on her way to her sister to spend the weekend. When her car breaks down she coincidentally meets a stranger who is an acquaintance of her sister and who offers to give her a lift. However when her sister calls to check on her she doesn’t seem to know the stranger. It’s when things become eerie.


Sean Lee’s short horror ‘Sweet Hollow’ will make you shiver with fear. A feeling of total insecureness will follow the viewer throughout the entire story. The location – a lonely road close to the woods in the middle of the night – will enhance the terror in the hearts even more.


The supposedly friendly appearances in the film bring the tension so high until events finally explode leading to the worst nightmare.


‘Sweet Hollow’ builds up patiently the deception around the helpless young woman leading her slowly – we might say sadistically slow – towards her darkest fears. Left with no choice she has to step on that single ‘path’ she had rather gladly avoided.


Director Sean Lee guides his camera and his actors hauntingly, delivering the story precisely in just under 10 minutes. It’s just wonderful to see how he manages to be so spooky and frightening with so few resources and such a minimal story. Sean Lee’s ’Sweet Hollow’ is a scary but highly entertaining watch!