An old woman runs an old cinema with classic movies. But when a young man starts visiting her cinema on a regular basis, things get an interesting twist. Sharing feelings about films creates a stronger connection than either of them would have anticipated.


Almudena Caminero’s characters struggle between the daily film shows and their own loneliness. Their affection for film brings them together making their worlds connect stronger than they would have expected. It is interesting to observe that one is the projectionist – therefore the one who sells the ‘dreams’ while the other is the one looking for them. Film has always been a refuge from reality and so it seems to be for ‘Sold Out’ ’s characters. Movies offer them the chance to escape from their ‘faulty’ destinies.


Almudena Caminero’s ‘Sold Out’ is patiently and calmly filmed, leaving things to unfold naturally. The director makes a true ars poetica of film. The love story that arises between the projectionist and the young man is rather symbolic, it is the director’s confession about love for film without boundaries.


‘Sold Out’ has a strange power to make one recall the best film experiences they ever had and to make them remember why they like film in the first place. This one is a very nostalgic view about the place where most of the filmmakers’ dreams begin. We loved it!