Snapshot’ is a short drama about a young boy, Alex, who learns how to deal with his grandfather’s diagnosis of Alzheimer. While his grandfather’s situation is getting worse the young boy is constantly taking pictures of him hoping this would help him remember more.


Ben Wicks’ film is one that focuses on family bounds. While Alex’s bond with his grandfather is very strong triggering the entire plot of the film, the boy’s attempt to deal with his grandfather’s condition through photography shows not only the strong emotional connection between the two but also reveals the most profound layer of meanings for the film: the naivety of a child and his innocent perspective over life stimulate his creativity, making him challenge reality and put medicine to question by taking up photography as the best alternative and logical way of fighting against and delaying his grandfather’s illness. His genuine gesture proves once again the intensity and sincerity of a child’s heart.


Ben Wicks’ ‘Snapshot’ is an emotional journey exploring family connections and the tough decisions that sometimes need to be made and dealt with.


For its ability of catching the loyalty and innocence with which a child is able to reward the important people shaping his childhood, TMFF has awarded ‘Snapshot’ the 2nd Best Film of May 2016.